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Crown St Stables

Following recent refurbishment, Council has appointed Venue Management Services as the operator of  Crown St Stables.

VMS has applied to Council for planning permission to use Crown St Stables for a cafe and functions, which would include the sale and consumption of alcohol.  VMS will need a liquor licence to be able to serve alcohol.

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The 14 day advertising period closed on 6 September 2012.  However, Council will be accepting objections until Friday, 21 September 2012.

Residents’ concerns regarding a liquor licence at Crown St Stables include:

  • The incompatibility of a function centre in a local park
  • The impact of drunken patrons on the local area
  • Lack of parking
  •  The corporatisation of public space
  • The possibility that access to Coronet Park (or parts of it) will be restricted when functions are held

The Association has lodged the following objection.

Residents who are concerned about the prospect of a licenced venue in Coronet Park are encouraged to lodge a submission by emailing Council.