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Newmarket Stationeers

The the latest news and working bee dates please refer to the Stationeers blog page.


Support from the Traders

In appreciation for the work of the Stationeers to beautify the area opposite their businesses in Pin Oak Crescent, Raelene from the Essential Skin Clinic has donated a long hose and Nick from the Deli has bought a hose reel for us to use. Hose and reel are both stored in the Essential Skin Clinic. I look forward to using them at our next working bee but individual members of the Stationeers are also welcome to borrow them during the Skin Clinic’s opening hours which include evenings, Monday to Friday.

The Flemington Traders recently donated $500 to the Newmarket Stationeers.  Metro Trains have been requested to allow us to use one of the bike lockers situated on the other side of the station to store our tools, signs etc.  If this happens we might spend some of the donation on purchasing tools for use at future working bees.

Expansion of the Stationeers’ Program

The Flemington Association has also applied to Metro Trains and Keep Australia Beautiful for an extension of our Stationeers’ licence north of the underpass on the Pin Oak Crescent side of the station in the vicinity of the metal ramp. We are awaiting the final go-ahead from Metro Trains.  Robert Karkut has generously offered to take charge of the new project.

This builds on all the great work achieved on the south side.  Well done to everyone involved!

Kensington Stationeers

Inspired by our efforts, Kensington Association members are now working on the surrounds of Kensington Station. Find out more at

Replacement of the sleeper 3 December 2012

Eric Keys and Robert Karkut replaced one of the sleepers in the Newmarket Stationeers Garden.  The new sleeper is from an old bridge and blends in well with the existing sleepers.  Robert and Eric also watered the plants under the stair area.

24 November 2012 working bee

Eight people attended the Working Bee including Jessica Lim, who has just joined the Stationeers.  Activities included watering and spot dabbing of glysophate on poplar suckers. Jennie, Jessica and Thomas did some unscheduled planting under the Station landing of additional plants given to us by Moonee Valley City Council. While we were working, a signal failure forced a fully booked train from Shepparton to end its journey at Newmarket Station. Due to our Vic Track safety vests, we were mistaken for Vic Track employees and kept busy answering passengers enquiries about trams and busses to Southern Cross Station!

In coming weeks, Eric Keys and Robert Karkut will be replacing a rotten sleeper retaining wall next to the footpath with a  recycled but good quality sleeper.
The next working bee will be on Saturday, 15 December at 9am-10am.  Taking into consideration summer temperatures, the Working Bee will be held an hour  earlier and be of shorter duration than usual. The only activities scheduled are watering and litter collection. If you would like to attend, meet beside the tap with your watering can.

27 October 2012 working bee

Once again, seven people attended Stationeers’ working bee on October, 27th. They completed the pruning  of the older plants, added some new groundcover plants and generally tidied up the site including collecting a large quantity of litter that had accumulated since the previous working bee only a fortnight earlier.

The weather was once again, perfect. The morning was capped off by Nick from the Deli bringing over a platter of gourmet sandwiches. Both the sandwiches and Nick’s kind gesture were greatly appreciated by the Stationeers.

Over the coming weeks Eric Keys and Robert Karkut will meet to replace the perished timber retaining wall marked with red and white safety tape. Metro Trains have given the Newmarket Stationeers a grant of $300 to cover the cost and delivery of materials needed for this project.

The next general working bee will take place in the second half of November. Watch this space for the date.


22 September 2012 working bee

The warm September weather means that the indigenous succulents were ready sooner than expected.  A snap working bee was called for 22 September 2012 and the Stationeers answered the call.

The succulents were planted in the area where the old ramp used to be.

A special thanks to Nick at La Delicatessen for his delicious hot chocolates and coffees, which kept our hard workers going.


8 September 2012 working bee

On Saturday, 8 September 2012, the Stationeers bedded and watered over 70 plants in two hours.  The group achieved in a single working bee what was originally expected to take two working bees!  Well done to all!

Chair of the Newmarket Stationeers, Ros Nataprawira, is growing cuttings of an indigenous succulent for the really dry area that is, to date, unplanted.  The plants should be ready in 6-8 weeks.

One of the group’s newer members, Robert, did some great work a few weeks ago with the clay breaker, which worked a treat in the areas where rain penetrated.  It has made the work much more friable – thanks Robert!

Thanks also to Nick from La Delicatezza for his coffees and hot chocolates, which sustained the group during their thirsty work.

We will post photos soon!

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