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Racecourse Road as a Major Activity Centre

Racecourse Road as a Major Activity Centre

Racecourse Road is the main commercial precinct in Flemington.  It is the boundary between the Cities of Melbourne and Moonee Valley.  Under Melborne 2030, it is also a Major Activity Centre/Area.  Activity Areas are the focus of major urban change over the next 30 years.  As a Major Activity Area, Racecourse Road is expected to accommodate ongoing investment and change in retail, office, service and residential markets.

The Association’s position is that Racecourse Road should be a Neighbourhood Activity Area.  As the boundary of two municipalities, it is not appropriate for Racecourse Road to be developed as a Major Activity Area by two different councils.

The Association has advocated for a review of the municipal boundary.

The Association has also advocated for a review of Racecourse Road as a Major Activity Area.  Given the current government’s introduction of a new planning regime, now is the time to reflect on what planning zones should apply to Flemington/Kensington. 

The Association is a member of the working group for the Racecourse Road Structure Plan, which has been developed by the Moonee Valley City Council.

A structure plan maps out a long-term direction for how an activity area will grow and develop.  They are used in assessing planning permit applications for new developments, as well as improvements to roads, footpaths, community facilities and open space.  Structure plans guide the development of policies and changes to Moonee Valley planning strategies and policies.  More information about structure plans is available on Council’s website.  The draft documents prepared by Council can also be found on their website.

The Association accepts that growth will occur in Racecourse Road.  However, the Association considers that such growth should enhance, and not detract, from those parts that make Racecourse Road a great place to shop, work and play.  These features include the pedestrian scale of the area; the commercial hub between the railway line and Quiet Man Pub; and the use of Racecourse Road predominantly as a neighbourhood shopping strip servicing local residents.

The Association has made the following submissions about the Racecourse Road Structure Plan.

Comments on Racecourse Road Structure Plan

Further comments on Racecourse Road Structure Plan (January 2012)

Structure Plan Submission dated 14 March 2013

Arden Macaulay Structure Plan

Racecourse Road is the subject of not one, but two, structure plans.  This is because Racecourse Road falls within the jurisdiction of not one, but two, councils: City of Melbourne (parts of the south of Racecourse Road) and City of Moonee Valley (the north of Racecourse Road).  This is because Racecourse Road is the boundary between the City of Melbourne and the City of Moonee Valley.  It is also an Major Activity Centre under Melbourne 2030 (see above).

It is untenable that an activity centre like Racecourse Road is subject to the visions of two different councils.  Although both are developing structure plans for the area, neither structure plan reflects the other structure plan.  The height limits and proposed uses are also very different.

The City of Melbourne’s Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan proposes heights of 10 storeys for Racecourse Road.

The Association has made the following submissions about the Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan.

Submission on Arden Macaulay Structure Plan (January 2012)