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Traffic and parking in Flemington Hill

Moonee Valley City Council has distributed flyers to residents in Flemington Hill regarding proposals to address traffic volumes and parking problems in Flemington Hill.  The proposals include a trial of partial street closures.

The proposals have been developed by working groups comprised of residents of Flemington Hill.  The groups have been meeting over the last five months to workshop solutions.  See our website and Council’s website for more information about the process.

The issue of traffic and parking in Flemington Hill attracts a range of views and opinions from residents.

The following flyer has been distributed by residents supporting the proposed changes.














The following flyer has been distributed by residents opposing the proposed changes.

The No Flyer

The role of the Flemington Association

The Association supports the Council’s approach of working with residents to find solutions to local problems, rather than imposing solutions developed by consultants.  Working with residents and listening to their views increases the prospect that workable and long-lasting solutions will be found.

The Association also seeks to inform residents about the changes.  For this reason, the Association was involved in the distribution of the flyer advocating support for the changes.

We have received feedback which questions our role in the flyer and, in particular, attributing our logo and name to a flyer advocating one side of the debate, given the multitude of views amongst residents. The Association’s response to that feedback is available here.

Response to feedback

The Association welcomes the community debate about the right solution for traffic and parking in Flemington Hill.  The Association encourages all residents to get involved in the conversation and to submit their views to Council, both through the survey and by contacting Council.